"Aye, some people would." Thor said, sending a wide grin in Sif’s direction.


"— ‘Tis fortunate indeed then that I was admiring the lace work behind thee, as I do not think the curtains will mind."


"Dear, it’s too late to talk yourself out of this." Her fingers worked over the buttons in her tunic, just barely holding it together to cover her up. 


            "-- Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul"

               ۞ Indie Selective Sauron/Mairon
                                          From the lore of J.R.R Tolkien
                           ۞ Multiverse, Multiship, Multifandom; Seriously, I live for
                          ۞ Script, one-liners and paras; icons and gif icons                      
                          ۞ Original character friendly but I am picky about those.
                          ۞ Both mun and muse are 18+ so mature and NSFW content will 
                                                  be present.
                          ۞ Inbox is always open for interactions both in and out
                                                               of character.
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"You know some people would consider it rude to stare."



          i don’t think he’s listening.


          yeah, he’s definitely not listening.

"You know you have seen me naked half your life, one would think you wouldn’t get this distracted still."


[text; Marie]: Anniversary of your first kill from your first war campaign?

[text; Marie]: How would I know? You ladies have more anniversaries that we men do!

[text; Louis]: You know just because you’re so read I don’t feel like telling you.


[text; Marie]: Nope. It’s not my birthday.

[text; Louis]: Why would I remind you of your own b-day?
[text; Louis]: It’s not about birthdays!
[text; Louis]: Guess again.